Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

Today was back-school-day!

Jayden and Eliana went to school today; Jayden returning, and Eliana for the first time. They were both very excited. I woke Ellie up at 7:30, and she didn't even have her eyes open before she asked about her backpack and lunchbag.

When we got there, Daniella was just dropping off his friend Kayley, so Jayden was even more excited. Kayley used the security button to call in, and said "This is Kayley", when they answered. That meant Jayden had to do it as well -- a big change from last year, when he wouldn't talk into it.

We got inside, he ran down the stairs and into his classroom, where he sat with Kayley for snack time and then went right up front for the days jobs talk (weather, moods, etc).

I took Eliana across the hallway to her Little Stars classroom, showed her which bin was hers. She bopped right over and put her backpack in, then the teacher had her painting a flat apple, and she barely had time to give me a kiss before forgetting about me entirely :)

We didn't get pictures, Lynda had the camera and arrived late from school, so I'll get 2nd day of school pictures instead :)

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