Sunday, September 09, 2007


Brother in law moved out to his own apartment, which means some room shuffling occurred. My son moved from my mother in laws' office to the newly emptied room, my daughter moved from our room to share with my son, and we get a room to ourselves for the first time in nearly 2 years.

Oh; lest ye newly-introduced folk think we're a bit backwoods... We've been living here at my in-laws for 18 months while rebuilding our own house. My brother in law was here as well, while attending school.

The kids were extremely excited about getting a room to share. Jaydens' first question was "Do I get a new computer to put in it?" -- he wants to play his game.

Worked on the house friday, saturday, and sunday. Things are coming along... Max wasn't able to come help with the network and tv cabling, so that's still needing done. As far as AC wiring though, I'm down to odds and ends. network and tv will be a hassle for me to do alone... it's 5 home runs to each normal room, 10 home runs for the playroom, and about 40 home runs to the entertainment and office area room.

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